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A custom home design must be individual

This means the home must fit the owner, his family, their needs and lifestyle. It should represent what they feel is beautiful and aesthetic.

Though this seems obvious, it is not always the case. Too many times the architect or designer does not listen well when interviewing the client. Or they let their own ideas of what makes for a beautiful home overrule the client’s ideas. They might even convince the client that a certain style of home is not appropriate or of the current trend in the Austin hill country.

The architect or designer must be able to listen carefully to the client to determine their wants and needs, their lifestyle, and their sense of what makes a hill country home beautiful. Then setting aside his own personal tastes and desires, design the home that is exactly the right home for that client and their family.

This is my goal every time I design a home for my client. To listen well, become very familiar with the client’s lifestyle, their family’s needs and their building site, then setting aside my own ego, in order to design the home of their dreams.