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A home custom designed for the site

The site on which a custom home is to be built is all important. The slope of the land, trees, all views, and orientation, are all features that must be considered when designing a home.

In the central Texas Hill Country, orientation may be the most important consideration. Turning the home’s windows away from the western sun exposure and, at the same time, orienting it to take advantage of prevailing breezes, helps keep the home energy efficient and comfortable while allowing the home to be open to the outside through large windows and outdoor living areas. Existing trees and the slope of the land are also factors. There are, however, times when a site has wonderful views, especially to the west, and that needs to be maximized. In the end, it is a balance act of considerations in designing a home specifically for the owner and the site.

This is why my initial design of a custom home is actually done on the owner’s site, with sketchbook in hand. Also, the initial design presentation is made on the site so I can orient the client to exactly how each room relates to the whole property, it is my belief that this is the only way to design a home that is tailored to the owner’s site as well as to their lifestyle and needs.