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I office from my home in Dripping Springs, a town 30 miles Southwest of Austin in the beautiful hill country of Texas. I have been working from my home for the last 14-years and enjoy it very much. It is a an environment which allows me to be creative and productive.

I also have a “satellite office” in Levelland, Texas, to serve clients in West Texas, which is where I grew up. I spend a small percentage of my time there primarily based on what projects I am working on, and where they are located.

When I meet with a client, it is usually in their home or office, or on their building site. It has been my experience that it is advantageous to the client in two ways. First, it is more convenient for me to come to them than for the client to drive out to Dripping Springs. second, if we meet at their home, I can get a better feel for how they live and entertain. This is a crucial element to the custom home design process.