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Hillside Hacienda

This Hillside Hacienda custom home design, I wanted to focus on using the incorporation of the environment and the beauty it offers. By utilizing the earthen colors, and intentionally placed lighting, I was able to accentuate certain parts of the home while still maintaining the natural feel. The site for this home is on a hillside and has four beautiful oak trees that the client and I wanted to keep in the design. Therefore, in the design, the home follows a slope designed around the trees showcasing the largest tree as the feature of the hillside hacienda style courtyard.

Every detail of this hillside hacienda home maintains what could only be called a “treaty with nature”, pulling focus from the existence of the home and shifting that focus to the beauty that the house is part of. Flowing through the front courtyard, you find yourself inside the home before you even go through the front door. Large windows and greater open areas strategically placed to create an interior feel to the immediate outside. The same holds true for the interior, where the windows act as a very open feel to the hillside hacienda home.