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Tuscan for a Small Lot

This custom Tuscan Small Lot Texas home was designed to make use of every inch made available on this narrow lot in an established subdivision. These kinds of designs present a good bit of challenge as they need to work with not only the surrounding environment but also the surrounding homes. This home makes sure that the exterior maintains not only the beauty of the home itself but it also allows for the small lot to still have a usable yard.

This Tuscan Small Lot home boasts some beautiful interior features including luxurious wood work around the windows as well as some stone work that I am very proud of. If this kind of work is something you are interested in having in your home, I have long standing professional relationships with people in the industry who offer this kind of work. Along with the intricacies of the work this home features large walk in closets, vaulted entries, a huge pool in the back of the home, and a grandiose kitchen. These kinds of custom home designs give me a great excitement as they allow me to get the client exactly what they want.