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The art of custom home design

A well designed custom home should create, within the owner, a sense of aesthetics and well being. Joseph Campbell, the influential 20th century educator, researcher and philosopher , once stated that true art “moves” the observer to a higher state of consciousness and spirituality. I believe a home designer is more able to do this than any artist.

When a home is well designed, it affects the owners mood and sense of well being every day. When the family gets up in the morning, they are welcomed by a home that is interesting and aesthetic. It can be bright and cheery or low key and soothing, depending on the individual clients needs and lifestyle. When they come home after a day of tension and toil, it is an oasis and respite from the stresses of the world of business or school.

When they entertain, the aesthetics and beauty of their home interests and enlivens their guests, adding to the mood of the party or gathering.

In so doing, a well designed custom home makes the client’s lives more rich and rewarding, more meaningful, more aesthetic and beautiful. That is a lofty goal, but it is what I endeavor to achieve with each home I design.